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[v. ree-sahyd; n. ree-sahyd]
verb (used with object), re-sided, re-siding.
to replace the siding on (a building).
verb (used without object), re-sided, re-siding.
to apply new siding, as to a house.
a piece or section of siding: to put backing material on the re-sides.


verb (used without object), resided, residing.
to dwell permanently or for a considerable time: She resides at 15 Maple Street.
(of things, qualities, etc.) to abide, lie, or be present habitually; exist or be inherent (usually followed by in ).
to rest or be vested, as powers, rights, etc. (usually followed by in ).

1425–75; late Middle English residen < Middle French resider < Latin residēre, equivalent to re- re- + -sidēre, combining form of sedēre to sit1

resider, noun

1. live, abide, sojourn, stay, lodge, remain.
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reside (rɪˈzaɪd)
1.  to live permanently or for a considerable time (in a place); have one's home (in): he now resides in London
2.  (of things, qualities, etc) to be inherently present (in); be vested (in): political power resides in military strength
[C15: from Latin residēre to sit back, from re- + sedēre to sit]

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Word Origin & History

c.1460, "to settle," from O.Fr. resider, from L. residere "to remain behind, rest," from re- "back, again" + sedere "to sit" (see sedentary). Meaning "to dwell permanently" first attested 1578. Resident first recorded 1382, as an adj.; the noun meaning "one who resides"
is from 1487. Meaning "medical graduate in practice in a hospital as training" first attested 1892, Amer.Eng.
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Example sentences
The target population is urban students residing in areas of the city with the
  fewest educational options available to them.
They relocated some community members who were residing there, but they
  explained that they were otherwise safe.
Millions of photoreceptor cells residing in the human retina gather light and
  transmit signals to the brain.
The tax upon the incomes of citizens residing abroad was five per cent, without
  the usual exemptions.
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