[th en] /ðɛn/
at that time:
"Prices were lower then."
immediately or soon afterward:
"The rain stopped and then started again."
next in order of time:
"We ate, then we started home."
at the same time:
"At first the water seemed blue, then gray."
next in order of place:
"Standing beside Charlie is my uncle, then my cousin, then my brother."
in addition; besides; also:
"I love my job, and then it pays so well."
in that case; as a consequence; in those circumstances:
"If you're sick, then you should stay in bed."
since that is so; as it appears; therefore:
"You have, then, found the mistake? You are leaving tonight then."
being; being such; existing or being at the time indicated:
"the then prime minister."
that time:
"We have not been back since then. Till then, farewell."
but then, but on the other hand:
"I found their conversation very dull, but then I have different tastes."
then and there, at that precise time and place; at once; on the spot:
"I started to pack my things right then and there."
Also, there and then.
before 900; Middle English then(ne), than(n)e, Old English thonne, thanne, thænne; cf. than; akin to that
Can be confused
than, then (see usage note at than)
8. See therefore.
Example Sentences for then
Set a cookie or biscuit cutter in a medium bowl, then set mold on top.
Repeat on remaining two sides, then staple all around the edges, pulling cloth tight.
There are fixer-uppers, and then there are complete wrecks.
Our staff photographer loads these pocket-size drives with pics from the year, then sends them to friends and family.
To keep predators out, the wire sides extend two feet below ground level, then out another two feet.
Dampen the mix before using it by pouring it into a clean bucket, then stirring in enough water to make it moist but not soggy.
Water regularly after planting, then cut back on watering as tree becomes established.
Then they can start wagering in real time on which currencies are headed up or down.
She was a poet turned rocker, tapping and then redoubling the energy she found in basic three-chord songs.
We scrutinized the beach and watched oysters open, filtering the water, and then snapping shut on our approach.
British Dictionary definitions for then
then (ðɛn)
1.  at that time; over that period of time
2.  (sentence modifier) in that case; that being so: then why don't you ask her?; if he comes, then you'll have to leave; go on then, take it
3.  then and there See there
sentence connector
4.  after that; with that: then John left the room and didn't return
5.  that time: before then; from then on
6.  (prenominal) existing, functioning, etc, at that time: the then prime minister
[Old English thenne; related to Old Saxon, Old High German thanna; see than]

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Word Origin and History for then
adverb of time, from O.E. þanne, þænne, þonne, from P.Gmc. *thana- (cf. O.Fris. thenne, O.S. thanna, Du. dan, O.H.G. danne, Ger. dann), from PIE demonstrative pronoun root *to- (see the). For further sense development, see than. Similar evolutions in other Gmc. languages; Du. uses dan in both senses, but Ger. has dann (adv.) "then," denn (conj.) "than." Now and then "at various times" is attested from c.1550; earlier then and then (c.1200).
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In addition to the idioms beginning with then, also see and then some; every now and then.

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