[zee-bruh; British also zeb-ruh]
noun, plural zebras (especially collectively) zebra.
any of several horselike African mammals of the genus Equus, each species having a characteristic pattern of black or dark-brown stripes on a whitish background: all zebra species are threatened or endangered.
Also called zebra butterfly. a tropical butterfly, Heliconius charithonius, having black wings barred with yellow.
(initial capital letter) a word formerly used in communications to represent the letter Z.
Football Slang. an official, who usually wears a black and white striped shirt.

1590–1600; 1975–80 for def 4; < Portuguese zebra, zebro the Iberian wild ass (Spanish cebra), perhaps < Latin equiferus (Pliny) kind of wild horse, equivalent to equi- (combining form of equus horse) + ferus wild

zebralike, zebraic [zi-brey-ik] , adjective
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zebra (ˈziːbrə, ˈzɛbrə)
n , pl -ras, -ra
any of several mammals of the horse family (Equidae), such as Equus burchelli (the common zebra), of southern and eastern Africa, having distinctive black-and-white striped hides
[C16: via Italian from Old Spanish: wild ass, probably from Vulgar Latin eciferus (unattested) wild horse, from Latin equiferus, from equus horse + ferus wild]

Zebra (ˈziːbrə, ˈzɛbrə)
Compare zero a noninterest-paying bond in which the accrued income is taxed annually rather than on redemption
[C20: from zero-coupon bond]

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Word Origin & History

1600, from It. zebra, perhaps from Port., earlier applied to a now-extinct wild ass, said to be Congolese [OED], or Amharic [Klein], but perhaps ult. from L. equiferus "wild horse," from equus "horse" + ferus (see fierce).
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ZEBRA definition

A data management package in the CERN Program Library.
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Example sentences
No such thing as zebra mussels back then, or any concern about water pollution,
But none can accomplish what the zebra fish, a common denizen of home
  aquariums, can do: regenerate their hearts.
Zebra's great speed and the lion's hunting tactics are a result of a
  co-evolutionary arms race.
Imagine that you are a zebra, grazing in the savanna.
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