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[uh-jey-suh nt] /əˈdʒeɪ sənt/
lying near, close, or contiguous; adjoining; neighboring:
a motel adjacent to the highway.
just before, after, or facing:
a map on an adjacent page.
Origin of adjacent
late Middle English
1400-50; late Middle English < Latin adjacent- (stem of adjacēns, present participle of adjacēre to adjoin), equivalent to ad- ad- + jac- lie + -ent- -ent
Related forms
adjacently, adverb
nonadjacent, adjective
nonadjacently, adverb
subadjacent, adjective
subadjacently, adverb
superadjacent, adjective
superadjacently, adverb
unadjacent, adjective
unadjacently, adverb
Can be confused
adjacent, adjoining (see synonym study at adjoining)
1. abutting, juxtaposed, touching. See adjoining.
distant. Unabridged
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Examples from the web for adjacent
  • Rock bass and several kinds of sunfishes are all known to nest successfully adjacent to heavily used boating channels.
  • Your cost-per-click advertisement will appear adjacent to relevant content.
  • In cellular networks, adjacent cells cannot use the same radio frequencies .
  • We live in two adjacent suburbs, close enough to cover each other for child minding needs but we do not wish to be closer.
  • It then spread to an adjacent communications building.
  • In case your trigonometry is rusty, recall that the tangent of a right triangle is the opposite length over the adjacent length.
  • The restaurant expanded, spilling over into an adjacent storefront.
  • My most recent campus interview was for a position that is not in my field, but in one that is adjacent.
  • In following years the store was able to purchase its building and expand into adjacent buildings.
  • Gap junctions are proteins that form pores between two adjacent cells, and that can link animal cells directly.
British Dictionary definitions for adjacent


being near or close, esp having a common boundary; adjoining; contiguous
  1. (of a pair of vertices in a graph) joined by a common edge
  2. (of a pair of edges in a graph) meeting at a common vertex
(geometry) the side lying between a specified angle and a right angle in a right-angled triangle
Derived Forms
adjacency, noun
adjacently, adverb
Word Origin
C15: from Latin adjacēre to lie next to, from ad- near + jacēre to lie
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Word Origin and History for adjacent

early 15c., from Latin adiacentem (nominative adiacens) "lying at," present participle of adiacere "lie at, border upon, lie near," from ad- "to" (see ad-) + iacere "to lie, rest," literally "to throw" (see jet (v.)), with notion of "to cast (oneself) down."

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adjacent in Technology
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