noun, plural alumni [uh-luhm-nahy, -nee] .
a graduate or former student of a specific school, college, or university.
a former associate, employee, member, or the like: He invited all the alumni of the library staff to the party.

1635–45; < Latin: foster son, pupil, equivalent to al- (stem of alere to feed, support) + -u- (< stem-vowel *-o- in interior syllable) + -m(i)nus, orig. passive participial suffix (cf. adult, old), akin to Greek -menos; see phenomenon

alum, alumna, alumnae, alumni, alumnus (see usage note at the current entry).

Alumnus (in Latin a masculine noun) refers to a male graduate or former student; the plural is alumni. An alumna (in Latin a feminine noun) refers to a female graduate or former student; the plural is alumnae. Traditionally, the masculine plural alumni has been used for groups composed of both sexes and is still widely so used: the alumni of Indiana University. Sometimes, to avoid any suggestion of sexism, both terms are used for mixed groups: the alumni/alumnae of Indiana University or the alumni and alumnae of Indiana University. While not quite equivalent in meaning, the terms graduate and graduates avoid the complexities of the Latin forms and eliminate any need for using a masculine plural form to refer to both sexes. Unabridged
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alumnus (əˈlʌmnəs)
n , pl -ni
chiefly (US), (Canadian) a graduate of a school, college, etc
[C17: from Latin: nursling, pupil, foster son, from alere to nourish]

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Word Origin & History

1640s, from L. "a pupil," lit. "foster son," vestigial present passive participle of alere "to nourish" (see old), with ending akin to Gk. -omenos. Plural is alumni. Fem. is alumna (1882), fem. plural alumnae.

see alumnus.
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Example sentences
The massive recruiting of athletes goes on apace at many colleges, sparked as
  always by victory-hungry alumni.
Some of our retired alumni who live in the area stop by my office and we talk.
Many college alumni wear their love for their alma maters on their sleeves, if
  not their sweatshirts.
Many schools strive to have an annual event that rallies the students, draws
  alumni and instills school spirit.
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