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armoury or (US) armory (ˈɑːmərɪ)
n , pl -mouries, -mories
1.  a secure place for the storage of weapons
2.  armour generally
3.  a.  (US) a National Guard base
 b.  (US) a building in which training in the use of arms and drill takes place; drill hall
 c.  (Canadian) (plural) such a building used for training and as headquarters by a reserve unit of the armed forces
4.  resources, as of arguments or objections, on which to draw: they thought they had proved him wrong, but he still had a few weapons in his armoury
5.  (US) a place where arms are made
armory or (US) armory

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Word Origin & History

British spelling of armory (q.v.); for suffix, see -or.
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Bible Dictionary

Armoury definition

the place in which armour was deposited when not used (Neh. 3:19; Jer. 50:25). At first each man of the Hebrews had his own arms, because all went to war. There were no arsenals or magazines for arms till the time of David, who had a large collection of arms, which he consecrated to the Lord in his tabernacle (1 Sa,. 21:9; 2 Sam. 8:7-12; 1 Chr. 26:26, 27).

Easton's 1897 Bible Dictionary
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