verb (used with object)
to strike with a crushing or smashing blow.
Chiefly British, Canadian. to hurl harsh verbal abuse at.
a crushing blow.
Informal. a thoroughly enjoyable, lively party.
have a bash (at), British. to attempt; make an attempt.
on the bash, British. working as a prostitute.

1635–45; perhaps alteration of pash1

basher, noun Unabridged
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World English Dictionary
bash (bæʃ)
vb (foll by into)
1.  (tr) to strike violently or crushingly
2.  (tr; often foll by in, down, etc) to smash, break, etc, with a crashing blow: to bash a door down
3.  to crash (into); collide (with): to bash into a lamppost
4.  to dent or be dented: this tin is bashed; this cover won't bash easily
5.  a heavy blow, as from a fist
6.  a dent; indentation
7.  a party
8.  informal have a bash to make an attempt
[C17: of uncertain origin]

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Word Origin & History

"to strike violently," 1640s, perhaps of Scandinavian origin (cf. Swedish basa "to baste, whip, flog, lash," Danish baske "to beat, strike, cudgel"), from O.N. *basca "to strike;" or the whole group may be independently derived and echoic. Figurative sense of "abuse verbally or in writing" is from 1948.
On a bash "on a drunken spree" is slang from 1901, which gave the word its sense of "party."
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Computing Dictionary

bash definition

Bourne Again SHell. GNU's command interpreter for Unix. Bash is a Posix-compatible shell with full Bourne shell syntax, and some C shell commands built in. The Bourne Again Shell supports Emacs-style command-line editing, job control, functions, and on-line help. Written by Brian Fox of UCSB.
The latest version is 1.14.1. It includes a yacc parser, the interpreter and documentation.
( or from a GNU archive site. E-mail: . Usenet newsgroup: news:gnu.bash.bug.
The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing, © Denis Howe 2010
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Example sentences
Maybe those left behind even had a second farewell party, a blowout bash with better champagne.
Tidal surges and currents can bash a diver's head against a steel platform.
Political rivals grabbed a tempting stick with which to bash his derided
Why don't you go to a country without real freedoms and then maybe you can have
  a reason to bash.
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