the fact or condition of being large in size, extent, amount, etc.
Chiefly New England, size.

1485–95; big1 + -ness Unabridged
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big1 (bɪɡ)
adj , bigger, biggest
1.  of great or considerable size, height, weight, number, power, or capacity
2.  having great significance; important: a big decision
3.  important through having power, influence, wealth, authority, etc: the big four banks
4.  (intensifier usually qualifying something undesirable): a big dope
5.  informal considerable in extent or intensity (esp in the phrase in a big way)
6.  a.  elder: my big brother
 b.  grown-up: when you're big, you can stay up later
7.  a.  generous; magnanimous: that's very big of you
 b.  (in combination): big-hearted
8.  (often foll by with) brimming; full: my heart is big with sadness
9.  extravagant; boastful: he's full of big talk
10.  (of wine) full-bodied, with a strong aroma and flavour
11.  too big for one's boots, too big for one's breeches conceited; unduly self-confident
12.  in an advanced stage of pregnancy (esp in the phrase big with child)
13.  informal big on enthusiastic about: that company is big on research
14.  boastfully; pretentiously (esp in the phrase talk big)
15.  in an exceptional way; well: his talk went over big with the audience
16.  on a grand scale (esp in the phrase think big)
[C13: perhaps of Scandinavian origin; compare Norwegian dialect bugge big man]

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Example sentences
But there was something about the epic canvas that these guys painted on,
  something about the bigness of it all.
The minute you entered a yard, the bigness of the trains translated right into
  your bones.
Something big will be gone, and being gone will be part of the bigness.
Again, genome-prints tell us more than the mere facts of genomic bigness.
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