a person or animal that bites, especially habitually or viciously: That dog is a biter.
Chiefly Chesapeake Bay. the larger claw of a crab.
Obsolete. a cheat; swindler; fraud.

1250–1300; Middle English; see bite, -er1 Unabridged
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bite (baɪt)
vb (often foll by for) , bites, biting, bit, bitten
1.  to grip, cut off, or tear with or as if with the teeth or jaws
2.  (of animals, insects, etc) to injure by puncturing or tearing (the skin or flesh) with the teeth, fangs, etc, esp as a natural characteristic
3.  (tr) to cut or penetrate, as with a knife
4.  (of corrosive material such as acid) to eat away or into
5.  to smart or cause to smart; sting: mustard bites the tongue
6.  (intr) angling (of a fish) to take or attempt to take the bait or lure
7.  to take firm hold of or act effectively upon
8.  to grip or hold (a workpiece) with a tool or chuck
9.  (of a screw, thread, etc) to cut into or grip (an object, material, etc)
10.  informal (tr) to annoy or worry: what's biting her?
11.  slang (often passive) to cheat
12.  slang (Austral), (NZ) to ask (for); scrounge from
13.  informal bite off more than one can chew to attempt a task beyond one's capability
14.  bite the bullet to face up to (pain, trouble, etc) with fortitude; be stoical
15.  bite someone's head off to respond harshly and rudely (to)
16.  bite the dust See dust
17.  bite the hand that feeds one to repay kindness with injury or ingratitude
18.  once bitten, twice shy after an unpleasant experience one is cautious in similar situations
19.  slang (Austral) put the bite on someone to ask someone for money
20.  the act of biting
21.  a thing or amount bitten off
22.  a wound, bruise, or sting inflicted by biting
23.  angling an attempt by a fish to take the bait or lure
24.  informal an incisive or penetrating effect or quality: that's a question with a bite
25.  a light meal; snack
26.  a cutting, stinging, or smarting sensation
27.  the depth of cut of a machine tool
28.  the grip or hold applied by a tool or chuck to a workpiece
29.  dentistry the angle or manner of contact between the upper and lower teeth when the mouth is closed naturally
30.  the surface of a file or rasp with cutting teeth
31.  the corrosive action of acid, as on a metal etching plate
[Old English bītan; related to Latin findere to split, Sanskrit bhedati he splits]

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Example sentences
It was the latest chapter in the continuing legal saga, and not exactly a nail-biter.
Annette is quick tempered and a compulsive nail biter.
The velvety tree ant, however, is an aggressive biter.
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