nipping; smarting; keen: biting cold; a biting sensation on the tongue.
cutting; sarcastic: a biting remark.

1250–1300; Middle English bitynge. See bite, -ing2

bitingly, adverb
bitingness, noun
nonbiting, adjective
unbiting, adjective

2. incisive, trenchant; caustic, mordant, scathing, lacerating. Unabridged
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biting (ˈbaɪtɪŋ)
1.  piercing; keen: a biting wind
2.  sarcastic; incisive: a biting comment

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Word Origin & History

O.E. bitan (class I strong verb; past tense bat, pp. biten), from P.Gmc. *bitan (O.Fris. bita, M.Du. biten, Ger. beissen, Goth. beitan "to bite"), from PIE base *bheid- "to split, crack" (see fissure). To bite the bullet is 1700s military slang, from old medical custom of
having the patient bite a bullet during an operation to divert attention from pain and reduce screaming. To bite (one's) tongue "refrain from speaking" is 1590s. To bite the dust "die" is 1750. To bite off more than one can chew (c.1880) is U.S. slang, from plug tobacco.
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Medical Dictionary

bite (bīt)
v. bit (bĭt), bit·ten (bĭt'n) or bit, bit·ing, bites

  1. To cut, grip, or tear with the teeth.

  2. To pierce the skin of with the teeth, fangs, or mouthparts.

  1. The act of biting.

  2. A puncture or laceration of the skin by the teeth of an animal or the mouthparts of an insect or similar organism.

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