[bluhd-root, -roo t] /ˈblʌdˌrut, -ˌrʊt/
a North American plant, Sanguinaria canadensis, of the poppy family, having a red root and root sap and a solitary white flower.
Also called red puccoon.
1570–80; blood + root1
Example Sentences for bloodroot
If you find bloodroot in bloom, you'd better take a picture.
The bizarre jack-in-the- pulpit is a relative of our cultivated calla lily and the bloodroot is a poppy.
Keep your eyes open for trillium, bloodroot and other wildflowers this month, too.
The lush carpet of herbs changes from spring ephemerals such as trout lilies and bloodroot to dense fern cover in summer.
Vegetable dyes such as bloodroot and red bedstraw, alder and spruce bark were also used.
Foamflower, bloodroot and sunflower provide groundcover in sunny locations.
British Dictionary definitions for bloodroot
bloodroot (ˈblʌdˌruːt)
1.  Also called: red puccoon a North American papaveraceous plant, Sanguinaria canadensis, having a single whitish flower and a fleshy red root that yields a red dye
2.  another name for tormentil

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