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[boo] /bu/
(used to express contempt or disapprobation or to startle or frighten).
noun, plural boos.
an exclamation of contempt or disapproval:
a loud boo from the bleachers.
verb (used without object), booed, booing.
to cry boo in derision.
verb (used with object), booed, booing.
to show disapproval of by booing.
1810-20; expressive formation


[boo, boh] /bu, boʊ/
Slang. marijuana.
Also called boo grass.
1955-60; of uncertain origin Unabridged
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Examples for boo
  • It is sheer nonsense to suggest that boo is potentially more harmful than than dreck that can be purchased on the local store.
  • When he manipulated the audience to boo your issues, his charm rang hollow.
  • Be careful that they don't boo you for stating scientifically established facts.
  • They can do whatever they please, and no other nation can say boo because they hold such a large percentage of the world's oil.
  • One is good for all, regardless of the lunacy of a boo-boo vs guts spilling out onto the ground.
  • We cheer on the good guy and boo when the bad guy gets a leg up.
  • Oh, look, two years in a row with trillion dollar deficits and boo to show for it.
  • boo to the lazy editor who came up with the lame label.
  • The peek-a-boo virtual keyboard is decent for slow touch-typing.
  • His career by now seems virtually boo-boo-proof-and so does his nonchalant image.
British Dictionary definitions for boo


an exclamation uttered to startle or surprise someone, esp a child
a shout uttered to express disgust, dissatisfaction, or contempt, esp at a theatrical production, political meeting, etc
would not say boo to a goose, is extremely timid or diffident
verb boos, booing, booed
to shout "boo" at (someone or something), esp as an expression of disgust, dissatisfaction, or disapproval to boo the actors
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Word Origin and History for boo
"to startle," early 15c., boh, "A combination of consonant and vowel especially fitted to produce a loud and startling sound" [OED, which compares L. boare, Gk. boaein "to cry aloud, roar, shout."]; as an expression of disapproval, 1801 (n.), 1816 (v.); hence, the verb meaning "shower someone with boos" (1893). To say boo "open one's mouth, speak," originally was to say boo to a goose.
Online Etymology Dictionary, © 2010 Douglas Harper
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Slang definitions & phrases for boo

boo 1


Excellent; remarkable: Something that used to be known as the cat's whiskers is now called ''deadly boo'' (1950s+)


Marijuana or another narcotic: I got over there and she lays this dynamite boo on me, I mean super shit (1930s+ Jazz musicians)

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[noun sense said to be fr black English jabooby, ''marijuana, so called because it induces a state of fear or anxiety,'' of unknown origin; but possibly fr Budda, ''marijuana'']

boo 2

  1. An exclamation of disapproval, the equivalent of a hiss (1890s+)
  2. A supposedly frightening exclamation, such as a ghost might give: She jumped out of the closet and hollered ''Boo!'' (1940s+)

: Next time at bat he was roundly booed

The Dictionary of American Slang, Fourth Edition by Barbara Ann Kipfer, PhD. and Robert L. Chapman, Ph.D.
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Bootes (constellation)
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