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[brim] /brɪm/
the upper edge of anything hollow; rim; brink:
the brim of a cup.
a projecting edge:
the brim of a hat.
verb (used without object), brimmed, brimming.
to be full to the brim.
verb (used with object), brimmed, brimming.
to fill to the brim.
1175-1225; Middle English brimme brink, rim (earlier, shore, bank); apparently akin to Middle High German brem, (German Bräme), Old Norse barmr rim, edge
Related forms
brimless, adjective
brimmingly, adverb
unbrimming, adjective
1. See rim.


[brim] /brɪm/
noun, plural (especially collectively) brim (especially referring to two or more kinds or species) brims.
Southern U.S. bream1 (def 4). Unabridged
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Examples for brim
  • If you fill a cup to its brim eventually a single drop will cause it to overflow.
  • If you wear it straight with the brim forward, up or down, it's more of a clean-cut look.
  • Hook and loop tabs allows sides of brim to be flipped up as the weather changes.
  • Dead leaves drift on the green, cloudy water that's nearly to the brim of the six-million-gallon open concrete reservoir.
  • Effect is that of a sombrero with a drooping brim add to my plant list.
  • And governments can't simply fill reservoirs to the brim.
  • Effect is that of a sombrero with a drooping brim more add to my plant list enlarge.
  • One of these hats has the crown covered with brick red velvet and the brim with cloth of the same color.
  • If our local grocery wasn't stocked to the brim with factory farmed food.
  • The brim represents the days of big losses or gains.
British Dictionary definitions for brim


/briːm; Austral brɪm/
noun (pl) bream, brim
any of several Eurasian freshwater cyprinid fishes of the genus Abramis, esp A. brama, having a deep compressed body covered with silvery scales
white bream, silver bream, a similar cyprinid, Blicca bjoerkna
short for sea bream
(Austral) any of various marine fishes
Word Origin
C14: from Old French bresme, of Germanic origin; compare Old High German brahsema; perhaps related to brehan to glitter


the upper rim of a vessel the brim of a cup
a projecting rim or edge the brim of a hat
the brink or edge of something
verb brims, brimming, brimmed
to fill or be full to the brim eyes brimming with tears
Derived Forms
brimless, adjective
Word Origin
C13: from Middle High German brem, probably from Old Norse barmr; see berm
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Word Origin and History for brim
c.1200, brymme "edge of the sea," of obscure origin, perhaps akin to O.N. barmr "rim, brim," probably related to Ger. bräme "margin, border, fringe," from PIE *bhrem- "point, spike, edge." (O.E. brim meant "sea, surf," and probably was from the Gmc. stem brem- "to roar, rage.") Extended by 1520s to cups, basins, hats.
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brim in Medicine

brim (brĭm)
The rim of the upper opening of the pelvis.

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A hat: nice brim, Indiana Jones

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Idioms and Phrases with brim
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