noun, plural buffaloes, buffalos (especially collectively) buffalo.
any of several large wild oxen of the family Bovidae. Compare bison, Cape buffalo, water buffalo.
a shuffling tap-dance step.
verb (used with object), buffaloed, buffaloing. Informal.
to puzzle or baffle; confuse; mystify: He was buffaloed by the problem.
to impress or intimidate by a display of power, importance, etc.: The older boys buffaloed him.

1535–45, Americanism; earlier bufalo < Portuguese (now bufaro) < Late Latin būfalus, variant of Latin būbalus bubal

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a port in W New York, on Lake Erie.
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buffalo (ˈbʌfəˌləʊ)
n , pl -loes, -lo
1.  Also called: Cape buffalo a member of the cattle tribe, Syncerus caffer, mostly found in game reserves in southern and eastern Africa and having upward-curving horns
2.  short for water buffalo
3.  (US), (Canadian) Also called: bison a member of the cattle tribe, Bison bison, formerly widely distributed over the prairies of W North America but now confined to reserves and parks, with a massive head, shaggy forequarters, and a humped backRelated: bubaline
4.  (often passive) to confuse
5.  to intimidate
Related: bubaline
[C16: from Italian bufalo, from Late Latin būfalus, alteration of Latin būbalus; see bubal]

Buffalo (ˈbʌfəˌləʊ)
a port in W New York State, at the E end of Lake Erie. Pop: 285 018 (2003 est)

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Word Origin & History

1580s (earlier buffel, 1510s, from M.Fr.), from Port. bufalo "water buffalo," from L. bufalus, var. of bubalus "wild ox," from Gk. boubalos "buffalo," originally a kind of African antelope, later used of a type of domesticated ox in southern Asia and the Mediterranean lands, from bous "ox, cow" (see
cow). Wrongly applied since 1630s to the American bison. The verb meaning "to overawe" is from 1903. Buffalo gnat is recorded from 1822.

city in western New York state, U.S., of disputed origin (there never were buffalo thereabouts), perhaps from the name of a native chief, or a corruption of Fr. beau fleuve "beautiful river." Buffalo wings finger food so called because the recipe was invented in Buffalo, N.Y., (1964, at Frank & Teressa's
Anchor Bar on Main Street).
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Buffalo definition

City in western New York, on Lake Erie and the Niagara River.

Note: Niagara Falls is northwest of Buffalo.
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At least twenty such adventures were published by flying buffalo.
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