[kaj-uh-puh-tawl, -tol]
noun Chemistry.
Also, cajuputol.

cajeput + -ol2 Unabridged


noun Chemistry, Pharmacology.
a colorless, oily, slightly water-soluble liquid terpene ether, C 10 H 18 O, having a camphorlike odor and a pungent, spicy, cooling taste, found in eucalyptus, cajeput, and other essential oils: used in flavoring, perfumery, and medicine chiefly as an expectorant.
Also, cineol [sin-ee-awl, -ol] .
Also called cajeputol, cajuputol, eucalyptol.

alteration of Neo-Latin oleum cinae, equivalent to oleum oil + genitive singular of cina wormseed Unabridged
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