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[kal-uh n-der] /ˈkæl ən dər/
a table or register with the days of each month and week in a year:
He marked the date on his calendar.
any of various systems of reckoning time, especially with reference to the beginning, length, and divisions of the year.
a list or register, especially one arranged chronologically, as of appointments, work to be done, or cases to be tried in a court.
a list, in the order to be considered, of bills, resolutions, etc., brought before a legislative body.
Obsolete. a guide or example.
verb (used with object)
to enter in a calendar; register.
1175-1225; Middle English calender < Anglo-French < Latin calendārium account book, equivalent to Calend(ae) calends (when debts were due) + -ārium -ary; see -ar2
Related forms
[kuh-len-dri-kuh l] /kəˈlɛn drɪ kəl/ (Show IPA),
calendric, calendarial
[kal-uh n-dair-ee-uh l] /ˌkæl ənˈdɛər i əl/ (Show IPA),
calendarian, calendaric, adjective
uncalendared, adjective
Can be confused
calendar, calender, colander.
3. diary, schedule, program. Unabridged
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Examples from the web for calendar
  • It's still hot, the leaves are green and the calendar says August.
  • All in secret, at a “social event” which somehow got kept off his official calendar.
  • Turns out the real academic calendar follows the successive philosophical stages through which all students necessarily progress.
  • It is the last mission on the calendar for Discovery before the shuttle program is phased out in 2011.
  • That was when he realized exactly what kind of calendar he had agreed to pose for.
  • For now, it seems the American economy will struggle to grow by 3% in the first full calendar year after the recession.
  • It would be even better if it hooked into your calendar to tell you what appointments the day may hold.
  • The Roman calendar had gotten into a first-class mess by then.
  • Creators of a pioneering written language and calendar, the Olmec are generally regarded as the first advanced civilization .
  • According to the Chinese calendar, it's 4703.
British Dictionary definitions for calendar


a system for determining the beginning, length, and order of years and their divisions See also Gregorian calendar, Jewish calendar, Julian calendar, Revolutionary calendar, Roman calendar
a table showing any such arrangement, esp as applied to one or more successive years
a list, register, or schedule of social events, pending court cases, appointments, etc
(transitive) to enter in a calendar; schedule; register
Derived Forms
calendrical (kæˈlɛndrɪkəl), calendric, adjective
Word Origin
C13: via Norman French from Medieval Latin kalendārium account book, from Kalendae the calends, when interest on debts became due
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Word Origin and History for calendar

c.1200, "system of division of the year;" mid-14c. as "table showing divisions of the year;" from Old French calendier "list, register," from Latin calendarium "account book," from calendae/kalendae "calends" the first day of the Roman month -- when debts fell due and accounts were reckoned -- from calare "to announce solemnly, call out," as the priests did in proclaiming the new moon that marked the calends, from PIE root kele- (2) "to call, shout" (see claim (v.)).

Taken by the early Church for its register list of saints and their feast days. The -ar spelling in English is 17c. to differentiate it from the now obscure calender "cloth-presser."

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