catlike; feline.
spiteful; malicious.

1590–1600; cat1 + -ish1

cattishly, adverb
cattishness, noun Unabridged
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cat1 (kæt)
1.  Also called: domestic cat a small domesticated feline mammal, Felis catus (or domesticus), having thick soft fur and occurring in many breeds in which the colour of the fur varies greatly: kept as a pet or to catch rats and mice
2.  Also called: big cat any of the larger felines, such as a lion or tiger
3.  any wild feline mammal of the genus Felis, such as the lynx or serval, resembling the domestic catRelated: feline
4.  old-fashioned a woman who gossips maliciously
5.  slang a man; guy
6.  nautical a heavy tackle for hoisting an anchor to the cathead
7.  a short sharp-ended piece of wood used in the game of tipcat
8.  short for catboat
9.  informal short for Caterpillar
10.  short for cat-o'-nine-tails
11.  informal (Irish) a bag of cats a bad-tempered person: she's a real bag of cats this morning
12.  fight like Kilkenny cats to fight until both parties are destroyed
13.  let the cat out of the bag to disclose a secret, often by mistake
14.  like a cat on a hot tin roof, like a cat on hot bricks in an uneasy or agitated state
15.  like cat and dog quarrelling savagely
16.  look like something the cat brought in to appear dishevelled or bedraggled
17.  not a cat in hell's chance no chance at all
18.  not have room to swing a cat to have very little space
19.  play cat and mouse to play with a person or animal in a cruel or teasing way, esp before a final act of cruelty or unkindness
20.  put the cat among the pigeons to introduce some violently disturbing new element
21.  rain cats and dogs to rain very heavily
vb , cats, catting, catted
22.  (tr) to flog with a cat-o'-nine-tails
23.  (tr) nautical to hoist (an anchor) to the cathead
24.  (intr) a slang word for vomit
Related: feline
[Old English catte, from Latin cattus; related to Old Norse köttr, Old High German kazza, Old French chat, Russian kot]

catty or cattish1 (ˈkætɪ)
adj , -tier, -tiest
1.  informal spiteful: a catty remark
2.  of or resembling a cat
cattish or cattish1
'cattily or cattish1
'cattishly or cattish1
'cattiness or cattish1
'cattishness or cattish1

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