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centre or (US) center (ˈsɛntə)
1.  geometry
 a.  the midpoint of any line or figure, esp the point within a circle or sphere that is equidistant from any point on the circumference or surface
 b.  the point within a body through which a specified force may be considered to act, such as the centre of gravity
2.  the point, axis, or pivot about which a body rotates
3.  a point, area, or part that is approximately in the middle of a larger area or volume
4.  a place at which some specified activity is concentrated: a shopping centre
5.  a person or thing that is a focus of interest
6.  a place of activity or influence: a centre of power
7.  a person, group, policy, or thing in the middle
8.  (usually capital) politics
 a.  a political party or group favouring moderation, esp the moderate members of a legislative assembly
 b.  (as modifier): a Centre-Left alliance
9.  physiol any part of the central nervous system that regulates a specific function: respiratory centre
10.  a bar with a conical point upon which a workpiece or part may be turned or ground
11.  a punch mark or small conical hole in a part to be drilled, which enables the point of the drill to be located accurately
12.  sport
 a.  a player who plays in the middle of the forward line
 b.  the act or an instance of passing the ball from a wing to the middle of the field, court, etc
13.  basketball
 a.  the position of a player who jumps for the ball at the start of play
 b.  the player in this position
14.  archery
 a.  the ring around the bull's eye
 b.  a shot that hits this ring
vb (often foll by on)
15.  to move towards, mark, put, or be at a centre
16.  (tr) to focus or bring together: to centre one's thoughts
17.  to have as a main point of view or theme: the novel centred on crime
18.  (tr) to adjust or locate (a workpiece or part) using a centre
19.  (intr; foll by on or round) to have as a centre
20.  (tr) sport to pass (the ball) into the middle of the field or court
[C14: from Latin centrum the stationary point of a compass, from Greek kentron needle, from kentein to prick]
center or (US) center
[C14: from Latin centrum the stationary point of a compass, from Greek kentron needle, from kentein to prick]

1.  the Centre the sparsely inhabited central region of Australia
2.  a region of central France: generally low-lying; drained chiefly by the Rivers Loire, Loir, and Cher

centred or (US) centered (ˈsɛntəd)
mentally and emotionally confident, focused, and well-balanced
centered or (US) centered

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British spelling of center (q.v.); for suffix, see -re.
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Example sentences
It had been in his mind for years, and his thoughts had centred on it and wandered out from it, tracking its mystery.
They instinctively centred all their demands about the cry for a national parliament.
The way that the crisis has centred on the banking industry also explains its duration.
Besides, in a centred mind, it signifies nothing how many mechanical inventions you exhibit.
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