pertaining to or situated at the center; central.
Anatomy, Physiology. pertaining to or originating at a nerve center.
Also, centrical.

1580–90; < Greek kentrikós of, pertaining to a cardinal point, equivalent to kéntr(on) (see center) + -ikos -ic

centrically, adverb
centricity [sen-tris-i-tee] , noun
multicentric, adjective
uncentric, adjective
uncentrical, adjective
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a combining form with the meanings “having a center or centers” of the specified number or kind (polycentric ); “centered upon, focused around” that named by the first element (ethnocentric; heliocentric ).

see centr-, -ic

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centric or centrical (ˈsɛntrɪk)
1.  being central or having a centre
2.  relating to or originating at a nerve centre
3.  botany
 a.  Also: concentric (of vascular bundles) having one type of tissue completely surrounding the other
 b.  (of leaves, such as those of the onion) cylindrical
centrical or centrical
'centrically or centrical
centricity or centrical

suffix forming adjectives
having a centre as specified: heliocentric
[abstracted from eccentric, concentric, etc]

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Word Origin & History

from Gk. kentrikos "pertaining to a center," from kentron (see center).
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Medical Dictionary

centric cen·tric (sěn'trĭk) or cen·tri·cal (-trĭ-kəl)
Situated at or near the center; central.

-centric suff.

  1. Having a specified kind or number of centers: polycentric

  2. Having a specified object as the center: egocentric.

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Example sentences
And to go with all the vegetable-centric dishes we've been dreaming up, we've
  gotta have good bread and butter.
He was an ego-centric creature, with a romantic nostalgia for the supersensuous.
Flat is good, so long as you prefer scenery and long, crab-centric meals to
  endurance-testing workouts.
But the friendly town is perfectly in sync with the region's outdoor-centric
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