a person or thing that changes something.
Obsolete. a moneychanger.

1350–1400; Middle English. See change, -er1

transchanger, noun Unabridged
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change (tʃeɪndʒ)
vb (sometimes foll by to or into) (when intr, may be foll by into or out of)
1.  to make or become different; alter
2.  (tr) to replace with or exchange for another: to change one's name
3.  to transform or convert or be transformed or converted
4.  to give and receive (something) in return; interchange: to change places with someone
5.  (tr) to give or receive (money) in exchange for the equivalent sum in a smaller denomination or different currency
6.  (tr) to remove or replace the coverings of: to change a baby
7.  to put on other clothes
8.  (intr) (of the moon) to pass from one phase to the following one
9.  to operate (the gear lever of a motor vehicle) in order to alter the gear ratio: to change gear
10.  to alight from (one bus, train, etc) and board another
11.  change face to rotate the telescope of a surveying instrument through 180° horizontally and vertically, taking a second sighting of the same object in order to reduce error
12.  informal change feet to put on different shoes, boots, etc
13.  change front
 a.  military to redeploy (a force in the field) so that its main weight of weapons points in another direction
 b.  to alter one's attitude, opinion, etc
14.  change hands to pass from one owner to another
15.  change one's mind to alter one's decision or opinion
16.  change one's tune to alter one's attitude or tone of speech
17.  the act or fact of changing or being changed
18.  a variation, deviation, or modification
19.  the substitution of one thing for another; exchange
20.  anything that is or may be substituted for something else
21.  variety or novelty (esp in the phrase for a change): I want to go to France for a change
22.  a different or fresh set, esp of clothes
23.  money given or received in return for its equivalent in a larger denomination or in a different currency
24.  the balance of money given or received when the amount tendered is larger than the amount due
25.  coins of a small denomination regarded collectively
26.  archaic (often capital) a place where merchants meet to transact business; an exchange
27.  the act of passing from one state or phase to another
28.  the transition from one phase of the moon to the next
29.  the order in which a peal of bells may be rung
30.  sport short for changeover
31.  slang desirable or useful information
32.  obsolete fickleness or caprice
33.  change of heart a profound change of outlook, opinion, etc
34.  slang get no change out of someone not to be successful in attempts to exploit or extract information from someone
35.  ring the changes to vary the manner or performance of an action that is often repeated
[C13: from Old French changier, from Latin cambīre to exchange, barter]

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Example sentences
The natural world unspoiled is a perspective changer.
Molten salt is the real game changer for solar thermal because it allows for
  nighttime production.
The mimic octopus is an intelligent shape changer that can impersonate a host
  of other animals to dodge hungry predators.
In the second, whilst he has lost out, so has the money changer and the seller.
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