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[kleer-lee] /ˈklɪər li/
in a clear manner:
It is difficult to explain complex matters clearly.
without equivocation; decidedly:
It is clearly out of the question to drop the case.
1250-1300; Middle English clerli. See clear, -ly
1. plainly, understandably. Clearly, definitely, distinctly, evidently imply the way in which something is plainly understood or understandable. Clearly suggests without doubt or obscurity: expressed clearly. Definitely means explicitly; with precision: definitely phrased. Distinctly means without blurring or confusion: distinctly enunciated. Evidently means patently, unquestionably: evidently an error. Unabridged
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Examples from the web for clearly
  • Unless their present importance and limitations be clearly apprehended, their future development cannot be apprehended.
  • clearly his reserve, his irony and detachment, his wariness of emotional entanglements.
  • His face hasn't changed much, although it is clearly yielding to gravity.
  • clearly, baseball commentators will now share data about what percentage of fans' blood pressure went up after a particular play.
  • They follow the true science that speaks so clearly.
  • The ability to attract positive attention-that's key-and to communicate clearly an interesting idea about a product or service.
  • Perhaps you should read it again, because you have clearly failed to understand the principle behind it.
  • clearly this list could go on and on, and your list will be different from mine.
  • When an emergency arises, you may be injured or stressed and unable to think clearly.
  • But it is clearly demarcated as having been done, since the point is to demonstrate feasibility.
British Dictionary definitions for clearly


in a clear, distinct, or obvious manner: I could see everything quite clearly
(sentence modifier) it is obvious that; evidently: clearly the social services must be flexible
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Word Origin and History for clearly

c.1300, of vision and speech, from clear (adj.) + -ly (2). Meaning "evidently" is from 1560s; as a parenthetical expression in argument, "it is clear," recorded from 1867.

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