a corncob.
a male swan.
a short-legged, thick-set horse, often having a high gait and frequently used for driving.
British. a mixture of clay and straw, used as a building material.
British Dialect. a rounded mass or lump.
a crude silver or gold Spanish-American coin of the 16th to 18th centuries, characteristically irregular in shape and bearing only a partial impression of the dies from which it was struck.

1375–1425; late Middle English cobbe male swan, leader of a gang; these and various subsequent senses are obscurely related and probably in part of distinct orig. Unabridged
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cob1 (kɒb)
1.  a male swan
2.  a thickset short-legged type of riding and draught horse
3.  corncob corncob pipe short for cobnut
4.  (Brit) another name for hazel
5.  a small rounded lump or heap of coal, ore, etc
6.  (Brit), (NZ) a building material consisting of a mixture of clay and chopped straw
7.  (Brit) Also called: cob loaf a round loaf of bread
vb , cobs, cobbing, cobbed
8.  informal (Brit) (tr) to beat, esp on the buttocks
[C15: of uncertain origin; probably related to Icelandic kobbi seal; see cub]

cob or cobb2 (kɒb)
See also gull an archaic or dialect name for the greater black-backed gull (Larus marinus)
[C16: of Germanic origin; related to Dutch kob, kobbe]
cobb or cobb2
[C16: of Germanic origin; related to Dutch kob, kobbe]

cobnut or cob (ˈkɒbˌnʌt)
other names for a hazelnut
[C16: from earlier cobylle nut; see cobble1, nut]
cob or cob
[C16: from earlier cobylle nut; see cobble1, nut]

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Word Origin & History

"The N.E.D. recognizes eight nouns cob, with numerous sub-groups. Like other monosyllables common in the dial. its hist. is inextricable" [Weekley]. In the latest edition, the number stands at 11. Some senses are probably from O.E. copp "top, head," others probably from O.N. kubbi or Low Ger., all perhaps
from a P.Gmc. base *kubb- "something rounded."
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  1. chip on board

  2. close of business

  3. coordination of benefits

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