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[kuhl-er-lis] /ˈkʌl ər lɪs/
without color:
Pure water is colorless.
pallid; dull in color:
a colorless complexion.
lacking vividness or distinctive character; dull; insipid:
a colorless description of the parade.
unbiased; neutral.
1350-1400; Middle English; see color, -less
Related forms
colorlessly, adverb
colorlessness, noun
3. unexciting, dreary, drab, lackluster. Unabridged
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Examples from the web for colorless
  • Typically people think about diamonds, of course, as being colorless.
  • In the first case the word is used in a colorless idiomatic sense, while in the second it is the verb in its full meaning.
  • He has colorless eyes, fixed earnestly, and a face almost as pale as the clerical bands beneath his somewhat receding chin.
  • He was far from being a colorless and characterless compiler.
  • These compounds are pretty much colorless at room temperature.
  • In the system, colorless crystals are embedded in the photography paper.
  • Instead, the mix created a colorless brew, containing few amino acids.
  • Taking advantage of the sequence of colorless and colored luminous speeds.
  • Most of these drugs are tasteless and colorless and therefore easily slipped into drinks.
  • Rubies are a type of corundum, a rare mineral made up of densely packed aluminum and oxygen atoms, which are normally colorless.
Word Origin and History for colorless

late 14c., from color (n.) + -less. Figurative sense of "lacking vividness" is recorded from 1861. Related: Colorlessness.

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