[kuh-luhm-ner] /kəˈlʌm nər/
shaped like a column.
characterized by columns:
"columnar architecture."
Also, columnal. printed, arranged, etc., in columns:
"data in columnar form."
1720–30; < Late Latin columnāris, equivalent to column(a) column + -āris -ar1
Related forms
[kol-uh m-nar-i-tee] /ˌkɒl əmˈnær ɪ ti/ (Show IPA),
Example Sentences for columnar
Foam, plastic cups, or cardboard boxes will also protect the tender tips of columnar cactus if you're not a knitter.
Columnar cacti and other succulents that hold water in their leaves and stems thrive in the area.
Then the street was adorned with columnar gingko trees and contemporary street lamps.
The mucous lining of the lacrimal sac and nasolacrimal duct is covered with columnar epithelium, which in places is ciliated.
The cells in the mucous alveoli are columnar in shape.
There are two types of cells on the cervix's surface: squamous and columnar.
The library is a long room, with apsidal ends set off behind columnar screens.
British Dictionary definitions for columnar
column (ˈkɒləm)
1.  an upright post or pillar usually having a cylindrical shaft, a base, and a capital
2.  a.  a form or structure in the shape of a column: a column of air
 b.  a monument
3.  a row, line, or file, as of people in a queue
4.  military a narrow formation in which individuals or units follow one behind the other
5.  journalism
 a.  any of two or more vertical sections of type on a printed page, esp on a newspaper page
 b.  a regular article or feature in a paper: the fashion column
6.  a vertical array of numbers or mathematical terms
7.  botany a long structure in a flower, such as that of an orchid, consisting of the united stamens and style
8.  anatomy, zoology any elongated structure, such as a tract of grey matter in the spinal cord or the stalk of a crinoid
[C15: from Latin columna, from columen top, peak; related to Latin collis hill]

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Word Origin and History for columnar
1728, from L.L. columnaris, from columna "column" (see column).
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