[adj., n. koh-awr-dn-it, -dn-eyt; v. koh-awr-dn-eyt]
of the same order or degree; equal in rank or importance.
involving coordination.
Mathematics. using or pertaining to systems of coordinates.
Grammar. of the same rank in grammatical construction, as Jack and Jill in the phrase Jack and Jill, or got up and shook hands in the sentence He got up and shook hands.
a person or thing of equal rank or importance; an equal.
Mathematics. any of the magnitudes that serve to define the position of a point, line, or the like, by reference to a fixed figure, system of lines, etc.
coordinates, articles of clothing, furniture, or the like, harmonizing in color, material, or style, designed to be worn or used together.
verb (used with object), coordinated, coordinating.
to place or class in the same order, rank, division, etc.
to place or arrange in proper order or position.
to combine in harmonious relation or action.
verb (used without object), coordinated, coordinating.
to become coordinate.
to assume proper order or relation.
to act in harmonious combination.
Also, co-ordinate.

1635–45; co- + (sub)ordinate

coordinately, co-ordinately, adverb
coordinateness, co-ordinateness, noun
coordinative, co-ordinative [koh-awr-dn-ey-tiv, -awr-dn-uh-] , adjective
intercoordinate, adjective
intercoordinate, verb, intercoordinated, intercoordinating.
miscoordinate, verb, miscoordinated, miscoordinating.
noncoordinating, adjective
uncoordinate, adjective
uncoordinately, adverb
uncoordinateness, noun
uncoordinated, adjective

9. order, correlate. Unabridged
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World English Dictionary
coordinate or co-ordinate
1.  (tr) to organize or integrate (diverse elements) in a harmonious operation
2.  to place (things) in the same class or order, or (of things) to be placed in the same class or order
3.  (intr) to work together, esp harmoniously
4.  (intr) to take or be in the form of a harmonious order
5.  chem to form or cause to form a coordinate bond
6.  maths Cartesian coordinates See polar coordinates any of a set of numbers that defines the location of a point in space
7.  a person or thing equal in rank, type, etc
8.  of, concerned with, or involving coordination
9.  of the same rank, type, etc
10.  of or involving the use of coordinates: coordinate geometry
co-ordinate or co-ordinate (kəʊˈɔːdɪnɪt, -ˌneɪt)
co'ordinately or co-ordinate
co-'ordinately or co-ordinate
co'ordinateness or co-ordinate
co-'ordinateness or co-ordinate
co'ordinative or co-ordinate
co-'ordinative or co-ordinate
co'ordinator or co-ordinate
co-'ordinator or co-ordinate

coordinates (kəʊˈɔːdɪnɪts, -ˌneɪts)
pl n
Compare separates clothes of matching or harmonious colours and design, suitable for wearing together

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Word Origin & History

1640s, "of the same order," from M.L. coordinatus, pp. of coordinare "to set in order, arrange" (see coordination). Meaning "involving coordination" is from 1769. Related: Coordinance (1864).

1823, in the mathematical sense, esp. with ref. to the system invented by Descartes; from coordinate (adj.). Hence, coordinates as a means of determining a location on the earth's surface (esp. for aircraft), attested by 1960.

1660s, "to place in the same rank," from L. coordinare (see coordination). Meaning "to arrange in proper position" (trans.) is from 1847; that of "to work together in order" (intrans.) is from 1863. Related: Coordinated (1859); coordinating (1861).
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American Heritage
Science Dictionary
coordinate   (kō-ôr'dn-ĭt)  Pronunciation Key 
One of a set of numbers that determines the position of a point. Only one coordinate is needed if the point is on a line, two if the point is in a plane, and three if it is in space.
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American Heritage
Cultural Dictionary

coordinates definition

A set of numbers, or a single number, that locates a point on a line, on a plane, or in space. If the point is known to be on a given line, only one number is needed to locate it. If the point is known to be on a given plane, two numbers are needed. If the point is known to be located in space, three numbers are needed.

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Example sentences
The message gives the object's coordinates at the time of its discovery so
  other astronomers can track it.
Have them list the coordinates on one page and the place names on another page.
List these coordinates next to the map or on another piece of paper.
Then write a sentence explaining how your map and the coordinates help you to
  learn more about the topic.
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