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[kyoo-bik] /ˈkyu bɪk/
having three dimensions; solid.
having the form of a cube; cubical.
pertaining to the measurement of volume:
the cubic contents of a vessel.
pertaining to a unit of linear measure that is multiplied by itself twice to form a unit of measure for volume:
cubic foot; cubic centimeter; cubic inch; cubic meter.
Mathematics. of or relating to the third degree.
Crystallography. belonging or pertaining to the isometric system of crystallization.
Mathematics. a cubic polynomial or equation.
Origin of cubic
1490-1500; earlier cubik < Latin cubicus < Greek kybikós. See cube1, -ic
Related forms
[kyoo-bis-i-tee] /kyuˈbɪs ɪ ti/ (Show IPA),
subcubic, adjective
uncubic, adjective Unabridged
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Examples from the web for cubic
  • People are a lot smaller than buildings, but they get paid a lot more per cubic foot.
  • If flattened out, a cubic inch would yield a surface area bigger than a football field.
  • The prize could be trillions of cubic metres of gas.
  • It is heavy-one cubic metre weighs a tonne-so expensive to move.
  • When targeting the brain, though, every cubic millimetre destroyed unnecessarily risks diminishing the outcome for the patient.
  • Compare the backpacks' internal sizes, measured in cubic inches or liters.
  • The lower the air's pressure, the fewer molecules of air in any cubic foot of air.
  • Batteries, even our modern lithium ion ones, do not pack nearly as much energy per pound or cubic volume as gasoline does.
  • Either he misread the guide or in his calculations he confused cubic meters with square meters.
  • What happened was that there's the same amount of dark energy in every cubic meter of space.
British Dictionary definitions for cubic


having the shape of a cube
  1. having three dimensions
  2. denoting or relating to a linear measure that is raised to the third power: a cubic metre Abbreviation cu., c
(maths) of, relating to, or containing a variable to the third power or a term in which the sum of the exponents of the variables is three
(crystallog) Also isometric, regular. relating to or belonging to the crystal system characterized by three equal perpendicular axes. The unit cell of cubic crystals is a cube with a lattice point at each corner (simple cubic) and one in the cube's centre (body-centred cubic), or a lattice point at each corner and one at the centre of each face (face-centred cubic)
  1. a cubic equation, such as x³ + x + 2 = 0
  2. a cubic term or expression
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Word Origin and History for cubic

1550s, from Middle French cubique (14c.), from Latin cubicus, from Greek kybikos, from kybos "cube" (see cube (n.)). Related: Cubical.

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cubic in Science
  1. Referring to a volume unit of measurement.

  2. Involving a number or a variable that has been raised to the third power.

  3. Relating to a crystal having three axes of equal length intersecting at right angles. The mineral pyrite has cubic crystals. Also called isometric. See illustration at crystal.

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