noun, plural deliveries.
the carrying and turning over of letters, goods, etc., to a designated recipient or recipients.
a giving up or handing over; surrender.
the utterance or enunciation of words.
vocal and bodily behavior during the presentation of a speech: a speaker's fine delivery.
the act or manner of giving or sending forth: the pitcher's fine delivery of the ball.
the state of being delivered of or giving birth to a child; parturition.
something delivered: The delivery is late today.
Commerce. a shipment of goods from the seller to the buyer.
Law. a formal act performed to make a transfer of property legally effective: a delivery of deed.
Printing.. Also called delivery end. the part of a printing press where the paper emerges in printed form.
Archaic. release or rescue; liberation; deliverance.

1400–50; late Middle English delyvere, delyvery < Anglo-French delivrée, noun use of feminine past participle of delivrer to deliver, with suffix assimilated to -ery

misdelivery, noun, plural misdeliveries.
nondelivery, noun, plural nondeliveries.
postdelivery, adjective
predelivery, noun, plural predeliveries.
redelivery, noun, plural redeliveries. Unabridged
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World English Dictionary
delivery (dɪˈlɪvərɪ)
n , pl -eries
1.  a.  the act of delivering or distributing goods, mail, etc
 b.  something that is delivered
 c.  (as modifier): a delivery service
2.  the act of giving birth to a child: she had an easy delivery
3.  manner or style of utterance, esp in public speaking or recitation: the chairman had a clear delivery
4.  the act of giving or transferring or the state of being given or transferred
5.  the act of rescuing or state of being rescued; liberation
6.  sport
 a.  the act or manner of bowling or throwing a ball
 b.  the ball so delivered: a fast delivery
7.  an actual or symbolic handing over of property, a deed, etc
8.  the discharge rate of a compressor or pump
9.  (in South Africa) the supply of basic services to communities deprived under apartheid

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Word Origin & History

late 15c., "action of handing over to another," from Anglo-Fr. delivrée, fem. pp. of délivrer (see deliver). Childbirth sense is attested from 1570s. Of speech, from 1580s. Of a blow, throw of a ball, etc., from 1702.
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American Heritage
Medical Dictionary

delivery de·liv·er·y (dĭ-lĭv'ə-rē, -lĭv'rē)
The expulsion or extraction of a child and the fetal membranes through the birth canal into the external world.

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Example sentences
It's simple: click here to enter your zip code and get details about home
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The answer is that the quality of education is largely independent of the mode
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When it comes to anecdotes illustrating the pitfalls of today's supply chains,
  he has the delivery of a stand-up comedian.
Their findings are helping and rechart maritime routes essential for the
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