1 [doos, dyoos]
Cards. a card having two pips; a two, or two-spot.
the face of a die having two pips.
a cast or point of two.
Tennis. a situation, as a score of 40–40 in a game or 5–5 in a match, in which a player must score two successive points to win the game or two successive games to win the set.
a two-dollar bill.
the sum of two dollars.
(especially in games, sports, and gambling) two.

1425–75; late Middle English deus < Anglo-French, Middle French: two < Latin duōs (masculine accusative of duo) Unabridged


2 [doos, dyoos]
devil; dickens (used as a mild oath): Where the deuce did they hide it?

1645–55; apparently to be identified with deuce1 Unabridged
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World English Dictionary
deuce1 (djuːs)
1.  a.  a playing card or dice with two pips or spots; two
 b.  a throw of two in dice
2.  tennis a tied score (in tennis 40-all) that requires one player to gain two successive points to win the game
[C15: from Old French deus two, from Latin duos, accusative masculine of duo two]

deuce2 (djuːs)
1.  an expression of annoyance or frustration
2.  ( intensifier ) the deuce used in such phrases as what the deuce, where the deuce, etc
[C17: probably special use of deuce1 (in the sense: lowest throw at dice)]

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Word Origin & History

late 15c., "a roll of 2 in dice," from M.Fr. deus, from L. duos (nom. duo) "two." Became a mild oath by 1710, about 50 years after it was first attested in the sense of "bad luck, the devil, etc.," perhaps because two was the lowest score, and probably by similarity to L. deus and related words meaning
"god." Low Ger. had der daus! in same sense 16c., which probably influenced the Eng. form. Deuce coup is 1940s hot-rodder slang for "souped up two-door car," especially a 1932 Ford.
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Slang Dictionary

deuce definition

  1. n.
    the devil. (Always with the.) : I'll knock the deuce out of you if you come around here again.
  2. n.
    the two in playing cards. : If I could only get a deuce.
  3. n.
    two dollars. : Can you loan me a deuce till payday?
  4. n.
    a two-year prison sentence. (Underworld.) : The DA made sure that Mooshoo got more than a deuce.
  5. n.
    a table for two. : Give the next couple the deuce over in the corner.
Dictionary of American Slang and Colloquial Expressions by Richard A. Spears.Fourth Edition.
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Example sentences
He deftly carved off a volley winner cross-court to even the game at deuce.
Then there's the guys who leave a deuce on the floor next to the toilet.
East would have taken dummy's ten with his queen and shifted to the heart deuce.
Then it is best to cash the diamond ace before returning the heart deuce.
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