of the diaphragm.
like a diaphragm.

1650–60; < Greek diaphragmat- (stem of diáphragma diaphragm) + -ic

diaphragmatically, adverb
postdiaphragmatic, adjective
subdiaphragmatic, adjective
subdiaphragmatically, adverb
transdiaphragmatic, adjective
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diaphragm (ˈdaɪəˌfræm)
1.  anatomy any separating membrane, esp the dome-shaped muscular partition that separates the abdominal and thoracic cavities in mammalsRelated: phrenic
2.  a circular rubber or plastic contraceptive membrane placed over the mouth of the uterine cervix before copulation to prevent entrance of sperm
3.  any thin dividing membrane
4.  Also called: stop a disc with a fixed or adjustable aperture to control the amount of light or other radiation entering an optical instrument, such as a camera
5.  a thin disc that vibrates when receiving or producing sound waves, used to convert sound signals to electrical signals or vice versa in telephones, etc
6.  chem
 a.  a porous plate or cylinder dividing an electrolytic cell, used to permit the passage of ions and prevent the mixing of products formed at the electrodes
 b.  a semipermeable membrane used to separate two solutions in osmosis
7.  botany a transverse plate of cells that occurs in the stems of certain aquatic plants
Related: phrenic
[C17: from Late Latin diaphragma, from Greek, from dia- + phragma fence]

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Example sentences
Scientists have demonstrated that cats produce the purr through intermittent signaling of the laryngeal and diaphragmatic muscles.
Exercising and diaphragmatic breathing work wonders, which makes sense because it reduces lactic acid and increases oxygen intake.
Its under surface is flattened, rests upon the diaphragm, and forms a small part of the diaphragmatic surface of the heart.
It's basically focused breathing techniques, based on diaphragmatic breathing.
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