[elk] /ɛlk/
noun, plural elks (especially collectively) elk for 1, 2.
Also called European elk. the moose, Alces alces.
Also called American elk, wapiti. a large North American deer, Cervus canadensis, the male of which has large, spreading antlers.
a pliable leather used for sport shoes, made originally of elk hide but now of calfskin or cowhide tanned and smoked to resemble elk hide.
(initial capital letter) a member of a fraternal organization (Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks) that supports or contributes to various charitable causes.
before 900; Middle English; Old English eolc, eolh; cognate with German Elch (Old High German el(a)ho), Latin alcēs, Greek álkē
Example Sentences for elk
Moose and elk are also popular game animals that are technically species of deer.
The temptress is created by the player of elk in the next version of the world.
British Dictionary definitions for elk
elk (ɛlk)
n , pl elks, elk
1.  a large deer, Alces alces, of N Europe and Asia, having large flattened palmate antlers: also occurs in North America, where it is called a moose
2.  American elk another name for wapiti
3.  a stout pliable waterproof leather made from calfskin or horsehide
[Old English eolh; related to Old Norse elgr, Old High German elaho, Latin alcēs, Greek alkē, elaphos deer]

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Word Origin and History for elk
late O.E., from O.N. elgr or O.E. elh, eolh, or possibly M.H.G. elch, all from P.Gmc. *elkh-, related to the general word for "deer" in Gk. and Balto-Slavic, from PIE *ol-/*el- "red, brown" (in animal and tree names) perhaps with reference to the reddish color (cf. Skt. harina- "deer," from hari- "reddish-brown"). Gk. alke and L. alces are Gmc. loan-words. Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks founded N.Y.C. 1868, originally a society of actors and writers.
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A conventional person; square : kill themselves later with laughter over the amount of money the Elks spent

[1950s+ Beat talk; fr a scornful judgment of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks]

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