capable of being exchanged.

1565–75; exchange + -able

exchangeability, noun
exchangeably, adverb
nonexchangeability, noun
nonexchangeable, adjective
unexchangeability, noun
unexchangeable, adjective
unexchangeableness, noun

Exchangeable, interchangeable apply to something that may replace something else. That which is exchangeable may be exchanged for money, credit, or other purchases to the amount of the original purchase: These dishes are exchangeable if you find they are not satisfactory. Interchangeable applies to those things capable of being reciprocally put in each other's place: Standard parts are interchangeable. Unabridged
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exchange (ɪksˈtʃeɪndʒ)
1.  (tr) to give up, part with, or transfer (one thing) for an equivalent: to exchange gifts; to exchange francs for dollars
2.  (tr) to give and receive (information, ideas, etc); interchange
3.  (tr) to replace (one thing) with another, esp to replace unsatisfactory goods
4.  to transfer or hand over (goods) in return for the equivalent value in kind rather than in money; barter; trade
5.  (tr) chess to capture and surrender (pieces, usually of the same value) in a single sequence of moves
6.  the act or process of exchanging
7.  a.  anything given or received as an equivalent, replacement, or substitute for something else
 b.  (as modifier): an exchange student
8.  an argument or quarrel; altercation: the two men had a bitter exchange
9.  Also called: telephone exchange a switching centre in which telephone lines are interconnected
10.  a.  a place where securities or commodities are sold, bought, or traded, esp by brokers or merchants: a stock exchange; a corn exchange
 b.  (as modifier): an exchange broker
11.  a.  the system by which commercial debts between parties in different places are settled by commercial documents, esp bills of exchange, instead of by direct payment of money
 b.  the percentage or fee charged for accepting payment in this manner
12.  a transfer or interchange of sums of money of equivalent value, as between different national currencies or different issues of the same currency
13.  (often plural) the cheques, drafts, bills, etc, exchanged or settled between banks in a clearing house
14.  chess the capture by both players of pieces of equal value, usually on consecutive moves
15.  chess lose the exchange to lose a rook in return for a bishop or knight
16.  chess win the exchange to win a rook in return for a bishop or knight
17.  med another word for transfusion
18.  physics a process in which a particle is transferred between two nucleons, such as the transfer of a meson between two nucleons
[C14: from Anglo-French eschaungier, from Vulgar Latin excambiāre (unattested), from Latin cambīre to barter]

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The chamber must be exchangeable with other respiration chambers on infra-red gas exchange instrument.
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