the act or process of executing.
the state or fact of being executed.
the infliction of capital punishment or, formerly, of any legal punishment.
the process of performing a judgment or sentence of a court: The judge stayed execution of the sentence pending appeal.
a mode or style of performance; technical skill, as in music: The pianist's execution of the sonata was consummate.
effective, usually destructive action, or the result attained by it (usually preceded by do ): The grenades did rapid execution.
Law. a judicial writ directing the enforcement of a judgment.
Computers. the act of running, or the results of having run, a program or routine, or the performance of an instruction.

1250–1300; Middle English execucioun < Latin execūtiōn- (stem of execūtiō). See executive, -ion

executional, adjective
nonexecution, noun
preexecution, noun
reexecution, noun
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execution (ˌɛksɪˈkjuːʃən)
1.  the act or process of executing
2.  the carrying out or undergoing of a sentence of death
3.  the style or manner in which something is accomplished or performed; technique: as a pianist his execution is poor
4.  a.  the enforcement of the judgment of a court of law
 b.  the writ ordering such enforcement

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Word Origin & History

mid-14c., from O.Fr. execution, from L. executionem, agent noun from exequi/exsequi "to follow out," from ex- "out" + sequi "follow" (see sequel). Sense of "act of putting to death" is from M.E. legal phrases such as don execution of deth "carry out a sentence of death."
Literal meaning "action of carrying something into effect" is from late 14c. John McKay, coach of the woeful Tampa Bay Buccaneers (U.S. football team), when asked by a reporter what he thought of his team's execution, replied, "I think it would be a good idea." Executor and executioner were formerly used indifferently, since both are carrying out legal orders.
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Computing Dictionary

execution definition

operating system, programming
The process of carrying out the instructions in a computer program by a computer.
See also dry run.

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Example sentences
Preference given to candidates with skills in execution of makeup and hair
There has to be judicious planning and execution in tapping renewable energy.
Individual creativity lies in execution as well as in concept.
If you look at speed of execution for a startup, it seems sort of amazing what
  they can do.
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