of or pertaining to the outside or outer part; outer: an external surface.
Medicine/Medical. to be applied to the outside of a body, as a remedy: for external use only.
situated or being outside something; acting or coming from without: external influences.
pertaining to the outward or visible appearance or show: external acts of worship.
pertaining to or concerned with foreign countries: external affairs; external commerce.
Zoology, Anatomy. on the side farthest from the body, the median line, or the center of a radially symmetrical form.
Metaphysics. of or pertaining to the world of things, considered as independent of the perceiving mind: external world.
the outside; outer surface; exterior.
something that is external.
externals, external features, circumstances, etc.; outward appearance; superficialities.

1375–1425; late Middle English; see extern, -al1

externally, adverb
nonexternal, adjective, noun
nonexternally, adverb
quasi-external, adjective
quasi-externally, adverb
semiexternal, adjective
semiexternally, adverb
subexternal, adjective
subexternally, adverb

extraneous, external, extrinsic, internal, intrinsic.

1. outermost, exterior.
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World English Dictionary
external (ɪkˈstɜːnəl)
1.  of, situated on, or suitable for the outside; outer
2.  coming or acting from without: external evidence from an independent source
3.  of or involving foreign nations; foreign
4.  of, relating to, or designating a medicine that is applied to the outside of the body
5.  anatomy situated on or near the outside of the body: the external ear
6.  education denoting assessment by examiners who are not employed at the candidate's place of study
7.  (Austral), (NZ) (of a student) studying a university subject extramurally
8.  philosophy (of objects, etc) taken to exist independently of a perceiving mind
9.  (often plural) an external circumstance or aspect, esp one that is superficial or inessential
10.  (Austral), (NZ) a student taking an extramural subject
[C15: from Latin externus outward, from exterus on the outside, from ex out of]

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Word Origin & History

1530s (as extern), from L. externus "outside, outward," from exterus (see exterior). This version won out over exterial. Related: Externality; externalize.
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Medical Dictionary

external ex·ter·nal (ĭk-stûr'nəl)
Abbr. ext.
Relating to, connected with, or existing on the outside; exterior.

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Example sentences
Drive makers are pushing a new generation of external storage disks that
  connect to a home network.
Your research plan should also list those external funding sources to which you
  would make proposals to sustain your research.
Tarantulas periodically shed their external skeletons in a process called
Will is caused by internal stimuli of the brain and body or external stimuli of
  the outside world.
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