[ik-stohl, -stol]
verb (used with object), extolled, extolling.
to praise highly; laud; eulogize: to extol the beauty of Naples.
Also, extoll.

1350–1400; Middle English extollen < Latin extollere to lift up, raise, equivalent to ex- ex-1 + tollere to lift, raise up

extoller, noun
extollingly, adverb
extolment, extollment, noun
self-extolled, adjective
superextol, verb (used with object), superextolled, superextolling.
superextoll, verb (used with object)
unextolled, adjective

glorify, exalt, celebrate.

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extol or extoll (ɪkˈstəʊl)
vb , (US) -tols, -tolling, -tolled, -tolls, -tolling, -tolled
(tr) to praise lavishly; exalt
[C15: from Latin extollere to elevate, from tollere to raise]
extoll or extoll
[C15: from Latin extollere to elevate, from tollere to raise]
ex'toller or extoll
ex'tollingly or extoll
ex'tolment or extoll

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Word Origin & History

late 15c., "to lift up," from L. extollere, from ex- "up" + tollere "to raise," from PIE *tel-, *tol- "to bear, carry" (cf. Gk. talantos "bearing, suffering," tolman "to carry, bear," telamon "broad strap for bearing something," Atlas "the Bearer" of Heaven;" Lith. tiltas "bridge;" Skt. tula "balance,"
tulayati "lifts up, weighs;" L. tolerare "to bear, support," latus "borne;" O.E. þolian "to endure;" Arm. tolum "I allow"). Figurative sense of "praise highly" is first attested c.1500.
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Example sentences
Then he put the maps in the books he wrote extolling his adventures.
Publish an open letter in a newspaper or journal denouncing or extolling the
  cause of your choice.
He made a point of extolling the new chief for restoring the esprit de corps.
Every couple of months, it seems, another article appears extolling the
  benefits of taking short naps.
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