in the manner of a fat person; ponderously.
richly: a fatly endowed foundation.
with self-satisfaction; smugly.

1505–15; fat + -ly

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fat (fæt)
1.  See also oil any of a class of naturally occurring soft greasy solids that are esters of glycerol and certain fatty acids. They are present in some plants and in the adipose tissue of animals, forming a reserve energy source, and are used in making soap and paint and in the food industry
2.  vegetable or animal tissue containing fatRelated: adipose, lipoid, stearic
3.  corpulence, obesity, or plumpness
4.  the best or richest part of something
5.  a part in a play that gives an actor a good opportunity to show his talents
6.  slang chew the fat
 a.  to argue over a point
 b.  to talk idly; gossip
7.  the fat is in the fire an irrevocable action has been taken, esp one from which dire consequences are expected
8.  the fat of the land the best that is obtainable
adj , fatter, fattest
9.  having much or too much flesh or fat
10.  consisting of or containing fat; greasy: fat pork
11.  profitable; lucrative: a fat year
12.  affording great opportunities: a fat part in the play
13.  fertile or productive: a fat land
14.  thick, broad, or extended: a fat log of wood
15.  having a high content of a particular material or ingredient, such as resin in wood or oil in paint
16.  plentifully supplied: a fat larder
17.  slang empty; stupid: get this into your fat head
18.  slang very little or none; minimal (in phrases such as a fat chance, a fat lot of good, etc)
vb , fatter, fattest, fats, fatting, fatted
19.  to make or become fat; fatten
Related: adipose, lipoid, stearic
[Old English fǣtt, past participle of fǣtan to cram; related to Old Norse feita, Old High German feizen to fatten; compare Gothic fētjan to adorn]

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Example sentences
Then they stun themselves against clear windowpanes and die, fatly baffled in the sun.
In fact she was goosed up way beyond capacity, a fatly subsidized poultry farm.
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