that may be fished in: nonpolluted, fishable streams.
lawful to be fished in: a lake that is fishable only with a permit.

1605–15; fish + -able

fishability, noun
unfishable, adjective Unabridged
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fish (fɪʃ)
n , pl fish, fishes
1.  a.  any of a large group of cold-blooded aquatic vertebrates having jaws, gills, and usually fins and a skin covered in scales: includes the sharks and rays (class Chondrichthyes: cartilaginous fishes) and the teleosts, lungfish, etc (class Osteichthyes: bony fishes)
 b.  (in combination): fishpond Related: ichthyic, ichthyoid, piscine
2.  any of various similar but jawless vertebrates, such as the hagfish and lamprey
3.  (not in technical use) any of various aquatic invertebrates, such as the cuttlefish, jellyfish, and crayfish
4.  the flesh of fish used as food
5.  informal a person of little emotion or intelligence: a poor fish
6.  short for fishplate
7.  an informal word for torpedo Also called: tin fish
8.  a fine kettle of fish an awkward situation; mess
9.  drink like a fish to drink (esp alcohol) to excess
10.  have other fish to fry to have other activities to do, esp more important ones
11.  like a fish out of water out of one's usual place
12.  (Irish) make fish of one and flesh of another to discriminate unfairly between people
13.  neither fish, flesh, nor fowl neither this nor that
vb (foll by for)
14.  (intr) to attempt to catch fish, as with a line and hook or with nets, traps, etc
15.  (tr) to fish in (a particular area of water)
16.  to search (a body of water) for something or to search for something, esp in a body of water
17.  to seek something indirectly: to fish for compliments
Related: ichthyic, ichthyoid, piscine
[Old English fisc; related to Old Norse fiskr, Gothic fiscs, Russian piskar, Latin piscis]

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Example sentences
Upper river waters are a murky green color, but fishable.
Waters are not included that do not have fishable populations even though an occasional fish may be caught there.
Treaty net fisheries are subject to change should un-fishable conditions promulgate re-scheduling a fishery later in the week.
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