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a cardinal number, four plus one.
a symbol for this number, as 5 or V.
a set of this many persons or things.
a playing card, die face, or half of a domino face with five pips.
Informal. a five-dollar bill: Can you give me two fives for a ten?
amounting to five in number.
take five, Informal. to take a brief respite.

before 1000; 1925–30 for def 7; Middle English; Old English fīf; cognate with Dutch vijf, German fünf, Old Norse fimm, Gothic fimf, Latin quīnque, Greek pénte, Sanskrit pancha

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five (faɪv)
1.  the cardinal number that is the sum of four and one
2.  a numeral, 5, V, etc, representing this number
3.  the amount or quantity that is one greater than four
4.  something representing, represented by, or consisting of five units, such as a playing card with five symbols on it
5.  a.  amounting to five: five minutes; five nights
 b.  (as pronoun): choose any five you like Related: penta-, quinque-
Related: penta-, quinque-
[Old English fīf; related to Old Norse fimm, Gothic fimf, Old High German finf, Latin quinque, Greek pente, Sanskrit pañca]

fiver (ˈfaɪvə)
1.  (in Britain) a five-pound note
2.  (in the US) a five-dollar bill

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Word Origin & History

O.E. fif, from P.Gmc. *fimfe (cf. O.S. fif, O.N. fimm, O.H.G. funf, Goth. fimf), from PIE *pengke (cf. Skt. panca, Gk. pente, L. quinque, O.C.S. peti, Lith. penke, O.Welsh pimp). Slang five-finger discount "theft" is from 1966.

1843 as five-dollar bill or five-pound note.
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Example sentences
The crucial fiver had come from the local education authority.
Before the register closes, the grifter offers the cashier five singles in exchange for his fiver back.
Everyone contributes a fiver and randomly picks a number from a hat.
Then they could be bought for a fiver or so at any junk shop.
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