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[floh-bak] /ˈfloʊˌbæk/
return or redistribution of something that has been received or acquired. Unabridged
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Examples from the web for flowback
  • Total dissolved solids in flowback water include minerals, metals and soluble salts such as sodium, chlorides and sulfates.
  • One of the newer technologies being discussed for treating produced water and flowback water is referred to as advanced oxidation.
  • Recovered fracturing fluids are referred to as flowback.
  • Disposal options for flowback include discharge into surface water or underground injection.
  • Some companies reuse flowback to hydraulically fracture more than one well as a way of conserving water and recycling the fluids.
  • flowback and produced water are delivered by tank truck and are transferred into the storage tanks.
  • We encourage recycling of flowback water as a way to reduce the demand on our freshwater resources.
  • Recovered fracturing fluids, referred to as flowback, may be stored in tanks or pits.
  • Energizing the fluid creates high gas saturation in the invaded zone, thereby facilitating gas flowback.

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