in a free manner.

before 900; Middle English freliche, Old English frēolīce. See free, -ly Unabridged
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free (friː)
adj (and foll by from) , freer, freest
1.  able to act at will; not under compulsion or restraint
2.  a.  having personal rights or liberty; not enslaved or confined
 b.  (as noun): land of the free
3.  not subject (to) or restricted (by some regulation, constraint, etc); exempt: a free market; free from pain
4.  (of a country, etc) autonomous or independent
5.  exempt from external direction or restriction; not forced or induced: free will
6.  not subject to conventional constraints: free verse
7.  (of jazz) totally improvised, with no preset melodic, harmonic, or rhythmic basis
8.  not exact or literal: a free translation
9.  costing nothing; provided without charge: free entertainment
10.  of property law
 a.  not subject to payment of rent or performance of services; freehold
 b.  not subject to any burden or charge, such as a mortgage or lien; unencumbered
11.  (postpositive; often foll by of or with) ready or generous in using or giving; liberal; lavish: free with advice
12.  unrestrained by propriety or good manners; licentious
13.  not occupied or in use; available: a free cubicle
14.  not occupied or busy; without previous engagements: I'm not free until Wednesday
15.  open or available to all; public
16.  without charge to the subscriber or user: freepost; freephone
17.  not fixed or joined; loose: the free end of a chain
18.  without obstruction or impediment: free passage
19.  chem chemically uncombined: free nitrogen
20.  phonetics denoting a vowel that can occur in an open syllable, such as the vowel in see as opposed to the vowel in cat
21.  grammar Compare bound denoting a morpheme that can occur as a separate word
22.  logic Compare bound denoting an occurrence of a variable not bound by a quantifier
23.  (of some materials, such as certain kinds of stone) easily worked
24.  nautical (of the wind) blowing from the quarter
25.  (usually imperative) feel free to regard oneself as having permission to perform a specified action
26.  not standard for free without charge or cost
27.  free and easy casual or tolerant; easy-going
28.  make free with to take liberties with; behave too familiarly towards
29.  in a free manner; freely
30.  without charge or cost
31.  nautical with the wind blowing from the quarter: a yacht sailing free
vb (often foll by of or from) , freer, freest, frees, freeing, freed
32.  (sometimes foll by up) to set at liberty; release
33.  to remove obstructions, attachments, or impediments from; disengage
34.  to relieve or rid (of obstacles, pain, etc)
35.  informal a freesheet
[Old English frēo; related to Old Saxon, Old High German frī, Gothic freis free, Sanskrit priya dear]

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Word Origin & History

O.E. freolice; see free + -ly (2).
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Example sentences
It also falls freely from cut lilies onto whatever carpet or tablecloth happens
  to be below the vase.
Meanwhile, tourists are still welcome to explore the rock art freely, and talks
  are in progress to build a visitor center.
May as well be created robots with no ability to reason, to question, to think
  and decide freely.
Fencing contains the cattle as well as protects and separates them from their
  freely roaming cousins.
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