adjective Archaic.
shameless; unblushing.

1595–1605; front + -less

frontlessly, adverb
frontlessness, noun Unabridged
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front (frʌnt)
1.  that part or side that is forward, prominent, or most often seen or used
2.  a position or place directly before or ahead: a fountain stood at the front of the building
3.  the beginning, opening, or first part: the front of the book
4.  the position of leadership; forefront; vanguard: in the front of scientific knowledge
5.  land bordering a lake, street, etc
6.  land along a seashore or large lake, esp a promenade
7.  military
 a.  the total area in which opposing armies face each other
 b.  the lateral space in which a military unit or formation is operating: to advance on a broad front
 c.  the direction in which troops are facing when in a formed line
8.  meteorol warm front See also cold front the dividing line or plane between two air masses or water masses of different origins and having different characteristics
9.  outward aspect or bearing, as when dealing with a situation: a bold front
10.  assurance, overconfidence, or effrontery
11.  informal a business or other activity serving as a respectable cover for another, usually criminal, organization
12.  chiefly (US) a nominal leader of an organization, etc, who lacks real power or authority; figurehead
13.  informal outward appearance of rank or wealth
14.  a particular field of activity involving some kind of struggle: on the wages front
15.  a group of people with a common goal: a national liberation front
16.  a false shirt front; a dicky
17.  archaic the forehead or the face
18.  of, at, or in the front: a front seat
19.  phonetics of, relating to, or denoting a vowel articulated with the blade of the tongue brought forward and raised towards the hard palate, as for the sound of ee in English see or a in English hat
20.  on the front foot at an advantage, outclassing and outmanoeuvring one's opponents
vb (when intr, foll by on or onto) (often foll by up)
21.  to be opposite (to); face (onto): this house fronts the river
22.  (tr) to be a front of or for
23.  informal (tr) to appear as a presenter in (a television show)
24.  (tr) to be the lead singer or player in (a band)
25.  (tr) to confront, esp in hostility or opposition
26.  (tr) to supply a front for
27.  informal (Austral), (NZ) to appear (at): to front up at the police station
[C13 (in the sense: forehead, face): from Latin frōns forehead, foremost part]

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