verb (used with object), galvanized, galvanizing.
to stimulate by or as if by a galvanic current.
Medicine/Medical. to stimulate or treat (muscles or nerves) with induced direct current (distinguished from faradize ).
to startle into sudden activity; stimulate.
to coat (metal, especially iron or steel) with zinc.
Also, especially British, galvanise.

1795–1805; < French galvaniser, named after Luigi Galvani; see -ize

galvanization, noun
galvanizer, noun
nongalvanized, adjective
pregalvanize, verb (used with object), pregalvanized, pregalvanizing.
regalvanization, noun
regalvanize, verb (used with object), regalvanized, regalvanizing.
ungalvanized, adjective

3. rouse, stir, electrify, fire, spur, animate. Unabridged
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galvanize or galvanise (ˈɡælvəˌnaɪz)
1.  to stimulate to action; excite; startle
2.  to cover (iron, steel, etc) with a protective zinc coating by dipping into molten zinc or by electrodeposition
3.  to stimulate by application of an electric current
4.  (Caribbean) galvanized iron, usually in the form of corrugated sheets as used in roofing
galvanise or galvanise
galvani'zation or galvanise
galvani'sation or galvanise
'galvanizer or galvanise
'galvaniser or galvanise

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Word Origin & History

1802, from Fr. galvaniser, from galvanisme (see galvanism). Figurative sense of "excite, stimulate (as if by electricity)" first recorded 1853. Meaning "to coat with metal by means of galvanic electricity" (especially to plate iron with tin, but now typically to plate it with zinc) is from 1839.
"He'll swear that in her dancing she cuts all others out,
Though like a Gal that's galvanized, she throws her legs about."
[Thomas Hood, "Love has not Eyes," 1845]
Related: Galvanized; galvanizing.
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Example sentences
However, he does not still possess that ability to galvanize people, to inspire
  with a clear vision.
His outburst will galvanize his supporters and fill his coffers.
The bonding and the grieving seemed to galvanize the team.
She hopes to galvanize people in southwest Missouri to participate.
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