[gree-see, ‐zee]
adjective, greasier, greasiest.
smeared, covered, or soiled with grease.
composed of or containing grease; oily: greasy food.
greaselike in appearance or to the touch; slippery.
insinuatingly unctuous in manner; repulsively slick; oily.
Veterinary Pathology. affected with grease.


greasily, adverb
greasiness, noun
nongreasy, adjective
overgreasiness, noun
overgreasy, adjective
ungreasy, adjective

greasy is almost always pronounced as [gree-zee] with a medial [z] in the South Midland and Southern U.S. and as [gree-see] with a medial [s] in New England, New York State, and the Great Lakes Basin. Speakers of New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania are divided, with some using [s] and some using [z]. Standard British English reflects both [z] and [s] pronunciations and British folk speech is also divided regionally, with [z] heard in the eastern counties and [s] in the central and western ones. Both pronunciations were brought to the colonies, where the present U.S. pattern emerged. Unabridged
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greasy (ˈɡriːzɪ, -sɪ)
adj , greasier, greasiest
1.  coated or soiled with or as if with grease
2.  composed of or full of grease
3.  resembling grease
4.  unctuous or oily in manner
n , greasier, greasiest, greasies
5.  a shearer
6.  an outback cook, esp cooking for a number of men

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Example sentences
She washed the dishes, wearing out her pink nails on the greasy pots and the
  bottoms of the pans.
If you put in too many, the temperature of the oil will drop and the finished
  oysters may be greasy.
White vinegar and lemon juice cut through greasy or waxy buildup, leaving the
  home smelling fresh and clean.
And now you feel the great joy of revulsion at the fair and its shallow
  pleasures, its cheap tinsel, its greasy food.
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