with a great weight or burden: a heavily loaded wagon.
in a manner suggestive of carrying a great weight; ponderously; lumberingly: He walked heavily across the room.
in an oppressive manner: Cares weigh heavily upon him.
severely; greatly; intensely: to suffer heavily.
densely; thickly: heavily wooded.
in large amounts or in great quantities; very much: It rained heavily on Tuesday.
without animation or vigor; in a dull manner; sluggishly.

before 900; Middle English hevyly, Old English hefiglīce. See heavy, -ly

overheavily, adverb
unheavily, adverb
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heavy (ˈhɛvɪ)
adj , heavier, heaviest
1.  of comparatively great weight: a heavy stone
2.  having a relatively high density: lead is a heavy metal
3.  great in yield, quality, or quantity: heavy rain; heavy traffic
4.  great or considerable: heavy emphasis
5.  hard to bear, accomplish, or fulfil: heavy demands
6.  sad or dejected in spirit or mood: heavy at heart
7.  coarse or broad: a heavy line; heavy features
8.  (of soil) having a high clay content; cloggy
9.  solid or fat: heavy legs
10.  Compare light (of an industry) engaged in the large-scale complex manufacture of capital goods or extraction of raw materials
11.  serious; grave
12.  military
 a.  armed or equipped with large weapons, armour, etc
 b.  (of guns, etc) of a large and powerful type
13.  Compare light (of a syllable) having stress or accentuation
14.  dull and uninteresting: a heavy style
15.  prodigious: a heavy drinker
16.  (of cakes, bread, etc) insufficiently leavened
17.  deep and loud: a heavy thud
18.  of music, literature, etc
 a.  dramatic and powerful; grandiose
 b.  not immediately comprehensible or appealing
19.  slang
 a.  unpleasant or tedious
 b.  wonderful
 c.  (of rock music) having a powerful beat; hard
20.  weighted; burdened: heavy with child
21.  clumsy and slow: heavy going
22.  permeating: a heavy smell
23.  cloudy or overcast, esp threatening rain: heavy skies
24.  not easily digestible: a heavy meal
25.  (of an element or compound) being or containing an isotope with greater atomic weight than that of the naturally occurring element: heavy hydrogen; heavy water
26.  horse racing (of the going on a racecourse) soft and muddy
27.  slang using, or prepared to use, violence or brutality: the heavy mob
28.  informal heavy on using large quantities of: this car is heavy on petrol
n , heavier, heaviest, heavies
29.  a.  a villainous role
 b.  an actor who plays such a part
30.  military
 a.  a large fleet unit, esp an aircraft carrier or battleship
 b.  a large calibre or weighty piece of artillery
31.  informal (usually plural) the heavies a serious newspaper: the Sunday heavies
32.  informal a heavyweight boxer, wrestler, etc
33.  slang a man hired to threaten violence or deter others by his presence
34.  (Scot) strong bitter beer
35.  a.  in a heavy manner; heavily: time hangs heavy
 b.  (in combination): heavy-laden
[Old English hefig; related to hebban to heave, Old High German hebīg]

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Example sentences
They bear over a longer season than seed-grown tomatoes, and produce more
Cut back heavily before spring growth occurs to keep tidy, and pinch as needed
  throughout the year to control growth.
In heavily infested trees, fallen pupal cases and dead adult weevils may be
  found around the base of the tree.
The show borrows heavily from other sci-fi sources and the first episode was
  heavy on exposition.
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