a person or thing that helps or gives assistance, support, etc.
an extra locomotive attached to a train at the front, middle, or rear, especially to provide extra power for climbing a steep grade. Compare doubleheader, pusher ( def 5 ).

1250–1300; Middle English; see help, -er1

1. aid, assistant; supporter, backer, auxiliary, ally. Unabridged
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help (hɛlp)
vb (foll by to)
1.  to assist or aid (someone to do something), esp by sharing the work, cost, or burden of something: he helped his friend to escape; she helped him climb out of the boat
2.  to alleviate the burden of (someone else) by giving assistance
3.  (tr) to assist (a person) to go in a specified direction: help the old lady up from the chair
4.  to promote or contribute to: to help the relief operations
5.  to cause improvement in (a situation, person, etc): crying won't help
6.  (tr; preceded by can, could, etc; usually used with a negative)
 a.  to avoid or refrain from: we can't help wondering who he is
 b.  (usually foll by it) to prevent or be responsible for: I can't help it if it rains
7.  to alleviate (an illness, etc)
8.  (tr) to serve (a customer): can I help you, madam?
9.  a.  to serve (someone with food, etc) (usually in the phrase help oneself): may I help you to some more vegetables?; help yourself to peas
 b.  to provide (oneself with) without permission: he's been helping himself to money out of the petty cash
10.  cannot help but to be unable to do anything else except: I cannot help but laugh
11.  help a person off with to assist a person in the removal of (clothes)
12.  help a person on with to assist a person in the putting on of (clothes)
13.  so help me
 a.  on my honour
 b.  no matter what: so help me, I'll get revenge
14.  the act of helping, or being helped, or a person or thing that helps: she's a great help
15.  a helping
16.  a.  a person hired for a job; employee, esp a farm worker or domestic servant
 b.  (functioning as singular) several employees collectively
17.  a means of remedy: there's no help for it
18.  used to ask for assistance
[Old English helpan; related to Old Norse hjalpa, Gothic hilpan, Old High German helfan]

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Example sentences
With a helper, place pots under appropriate section of the bench top, as you
  carefully lower top onto pots.
Researchers have long argued about whether this kind of selfless behavior,
  known as altruism, directly benefits the helper.
She had the full-time duties of expedition cook and all-purpose helper.
But nobody wants an unpleasant robot in his or her life-any more than one wants
  to be saddled with a disgruntled human helper.
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