[hik-ee] /ˈhɪk i/
noun, plural hickeys.
  1. a pimple.
  2. a reddish mark left on the skin by a passionate kiss.
any device or gadget whose name is not known or is momentarily forgotten.
Electricity. a fitting used to mount a lighting fixture in an outlet box or on a pipe or stud.
a tool used to bend tubes and pipes.
Also, hickie.
1905–10; Americanism; of obscure origin; senses under def. 1 perhaps a separate word, though the development “device > defective device > defect, blemish, mark” is also possible; cf. doohickey
British Dictionary definitions for hickey
hickey (ˈhɪkɪ)
1.  informal (US), (Canadian) an object or gadget: used as a name when the correct name is forgotten, etc; doodah
2.  informal (US), (Canadian) a mark on the skin, esp a lovebite
3.  printing a spot on a printed sheet caused by an imperfection or a speck on the printing plate
[C20: of unknown origin]

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  1. Any unspecified or unspecifiable object; something one does not know the name of or does not wish to name; doodad, doohickey, gadget : We have little hickeys beside our seats (1909+)
  2. A blackhead, pimple, or other minor skin lesion; zit (1915+)
  3. A mark on the skin made by biting or sucking during a sex act : line of hickeys, or love bites/ Violet came home from the mall with a leather bustier and a hickey (1956+)

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