[haw-ger, hog-er]
a person or thing that hogs.
Also called hoghead. Railroads Slang. a locomotive engineer.

1865–70, Americanism; hog + -er1

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hog (hɒɡ)
1.  a domesticated pig, esp a castrated male weighing more than 102 kg
2.  (US), (Canadian) any artiodactyl mammal of the family Suidae; pig
3.  dialect (Brit), (Austral), (NZ) another name for hogget Also: hogg
4.  informal a selfish, greedy, or slovenly person
5.  nautical a stiff brush, for scraping a vessel's bottom
6.  nautical Compare sag the amount or extent to which a vessel is hogged
7.  another word for camber
8.  slang chiefly (US) a large powerful motorcycle
9.  informal go the whole hog to do something thoroughly or unreservedly: if you are redecorating one room, why not go the whole hog and paint the entire house?
10.  informal chiefly (US) live high on the hog to have an extravagant lifestyle
vb , hogs, hogging, hogged
11.  slang to take more than one's share of
12.  to arch (the back) like a hog
13.  to cut (the mane) of (a horse) very short
[Old English hogg, from Celtic; compare Cornish hoch]

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Example sentences
The hogger had been shut down, but the conveyor feeding the hogger had not been.
In this case, the large fragments of wood would have to be reduced in size, as by a hammer-mill hogger.
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