1 [hyoo or, often, yoo]
a gradation or variety of a color; tint: pale hues.
the property of light by which the color of an object is classified as red, blue, green, or yellow in reference to the spectrum.
color: all the hues of the rainbow.
form or appearance.

before 900; Middle English hewe, Old English hīw form, appearance, color; cognate with Old Norse hȳ bird's down, Swedish hy skin, complexion, Gothic hiwi form, appearance; akin to Old English hār gray (see hoar)

hueless, adjective Unabridged


2 [hyoo]
outcry, as of pursuers; clamor.

1200–50; Middle English hu(e) < Middle French: a hoot, outcry (whence huer to hoot, cry out)


a seaport in central Vietnam: former capital of Annam. Unabridged
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World English Dictionary
hue (hjuː)
1.  See also colour the attribute of colour that enables an observer to classify it as red, green, blue, purple, etc, and excludes white, black, and shades of grey
2.  a shade of a colour
3.  aspect; complexion: a different hue on matters
[Old English hīw beauty; related to Old Norse fine hair, Gothic hiwi form]

Hué (French ɥe)
a port in central Vietnam, on the delta of the Hué River near the South China Sea: former capital of the kingdom of Annam, of French Indochina (1883--1946), and of Central Vietnam (1946--54). Pop: 377 000 (2005 est)

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Word Origin & History

"color," O.E. hiw "color, form, appearance, beauty," earlier hiow, heow, from P.Gmc. *khiwjan (cf. O.N. hy "bird's down," Swed. hy "skin, complexion," Goth. hiwi "form, appearance"), probably cognate with Skt. chawi "hide, skin, complexion, color, beauty, splendor." A common word in O.E., squeezed into
obscurity after c.1600 by color.

"a shouting," mid-13c., from O.Fr. hue "outcry, noise, war or hunting cry," probably of imitative origin. Hue and cry is late 13c. as an Anglo-Fr. legal term meaning "outcry calling for pursuit of a felon." Extended sense of "cry of alarm" is 1580s.
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American Heritage
Science Dictionary
hue  [%PREMIUM_LINK%]     (hy)  Pronunciation Key 
The property of colors by which they are seen as ranging from red through orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet, as determined by the dominant wavelength of the light. Compare saturation, value.

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Computing Dictionary

hue definition

(Or "tint") The coordinate in the HSB colour model that determines the frequency of light or the position in the spectrum or the relative amounts of red, green and blue. Hue corresponds to the common definition of colour, e.g. "red", "orange", "violet" etc. The other coordinates are saturation and brightness.

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Example sentences
Every light source has a slight hue or color cast to it.
Blocks of color, either the same hue or different ones of about equal tonal
  value, can lend depth.
Bales of money, immigrants of every color, fashions of every hue.
As this stunning risotto simmers, it takes on a beautiful red hue.
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