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identical twin

one of a pair of twins who develop from a single fertilized ovum and therefore have the same genotype, are of the same sex, and usually resemble each other closely.
Compare fraternal twin.
1885-90 Unabridged
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Examples from the web for identical twin
  • For example, compare identical twin correlations on a trait with fraternal twin correlations.
  • Their findings: an identical twin's behavior could help predict that of his or her sibling, but not so with fraternal pairs.
  • For example, when one genetically identical twin is autistic, the other is usually not autistic.
  • Relativity dictates that when he comes back, he is younger than his identical twin brother.
  • So the first one is identical twin studies done with humans that were separated at birth.
  • Take two identical twin females of average intelligence and energy level ethic raised in the same household.
  • Unless you've got an identical twin, we're all genetically different.
  • Each identical twin had virus populations that didn't resemble those of their sibling-or anybody else, for that matter.
  • The only cure is a transplant of blood stem cells from a close relative or preferably an identical twin.
  • identical twin sisters are brought up separately, differently.

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