[il-ee-os-tuh-mee] /ˌɪl iˈɒs tə mi/
noun, plural ileostomies. Surgery
the construction of an artificial opening from the ileum through the abdominal wall, permitting drainage of the contents of the small intestine.
the opening so constructed.
1885–90; ileo- + -stomy
Example Sentences for ileostomy
The ileostomy may either be short-term or permanent.
To perform ileostomy, the surgeon makes a small opening in the lower right corner of the abdomen called a stoma.
The dead bowel tissue is removed and a colostomy or ileostomy is performed.
British Dictionary definitions for ileostomy
ileostomy (ˌɪlɪˈɒstəmɪ)
n , pl -mies
the surgical formation of a permanent opening through the abdominal wall into the ileum

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ileostomy in Medicine

ileostomy il·e·os·to·my (ĭl'ē-ŏs'tə-mē)

  1. Surgical construction of an artificial excretory opening through the abdominal wall into the ileum.

  2. The opening created by such a surgical procedure.

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