1 [ken-l]
a house or shelter for a dog or a cat.
Often, kennels. an establishment where dogs or cats are bred, raised, trained, or boarded.
the hole or lair of an animal, especially a fox.
a wretched abode likened to a doghouse.
a pack of dogs.
verb (used with object), kenneled, kenneling or (especially British) kennelled, kennelling.
to put into or keep in a kennel: to kennel a dog for a week.
verb (used without object), kenneled, kenneling or (especially British) kennelled, kennelling.
to take shelter or lodge in a kennel.

1300–50; Middle English kenel < Anglo-French *kenil (French chenil) < Vulgar Latin *canīle (Latin can(is) dog + -īle suffix of place) Unabridged


2 [ken-l]
an open drain or sewer; gutter.

1575–85; variant of cannel, Middle English canel channel1 Unabridged
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kennel1 (ˈkɛnəl)
1.  US name: doghouse a hutlike shelter for a dog
2.  (usually plural) an establishment where dogs are bred, trained, boarded, etc
3.  the lair of a fox or other animal
4.  a ramshackle house; hovel
5.  a pack of hounds
vb , -nels, -nelling, -nelled, -nels, -neling, -neled
6.  to put or go into a kennel; keep or stay in a kennel
[C14: from Old French chenil, from Vulgar Latin canīle (unattested), from Latin canis dog]

kennel2 (ˈkɛnəl)
archaic an open sewer or street gutter
[C16: variant of cannelchannel1]

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Word Origin & History

1301, from O.Fr. chenil, from V.L. canile, from L. canem (nom. canis) "dog" (see canine).
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Example sentences
The kennel housed many old dogs, some that wouldn't hunt and others that
  couldn't be taught new tricks.
The dog in his kennel barks at his fleas, the dog that hunts does not feel them.
The first thing you must do upon leaving the kennel or shelter is to take the
  dog for a walk.
Her recovery, they say, will be one year and during that time will be confined
  to a kennel.
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